new hope doves-1 new hopeLeadership Roles

The leadership positions of our church and those members who fill the positions are listed below.  It is through their leadership and the work and cooperation of all our members and attendees that we successfully function and have become the “Welcoming and Happy” Church.

Administrative meetings are held monthly and all are welcome.

The church calendar and our Facebook page will list date and time.

Please check our Facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/NewHopeUMC.Istachatta.Floralcity

Children’s Ministries Becky Botts
Church Council Alana Rouse
Finance Committee Bob Fitel
Financial Secretary Trudy Edwards
Missions  Carol Morris
Lay Leader Ron Zicko
Recording Secretary Maureen LeMons
Staff-Parish Relations Karen Niles
Treasurer Deborah Dickinson
Trustees Bob Bamford
 Publicity Bob Bamford